Pillsbury just released Funfetti Sugar Cookie Mix for more rainbow baking

September 19, 2019 –

What’s not to like about a sugar cookie? It’s a sweet bite that’s (ideally) crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Pillsbury is upgrading the classic cookie by giving it a Funfetti makeover.

For something a little more special, the new Funfetti Sugar Cookie Mix has candy bits in it, so the cookies pop! A version of this cookie mix has come back before, but this revamp has us really excited for a night of staying in and baking.

“Whether it’s an everyday dessert, a simple snack, or a celebratory treat, our mixes make baking cookies easy and fun for the whole family,” Pillsbury’s website says.

If you’re not into the whole Funfetti thing (first of all, why not?), Pillsbury also has regular Sugar Cookie Mix, Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, and Peanut Butter Cookie Mix. Since half of the work is already done for you with these convenient mixes, we vote for making them all.


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