Band of Biscuit Bakers and White Lily Flour on Mission to Help Others Find Their Best Biscuit

September 10, 2019 – Southern food experts band together for National Biscuit Month to highlight the diversity of the Southern staple

A nationally recognized Band of Biscuit Bakers has come together to celebrate the beloved Southern staple and help home cooks discover the many ways they can make it their own.

The group of influential chefs, bakers and food experts has partnered with White Lily Flour for National Biscuit Month to share the secrets behind their own “best biscuit” and shed light on how easy and diverse biscuits can be.

The 2019 White Lily Band of Biscuit Bakers includes:

• Carrie Morey, Charleston/Atlanta – Owner Callie’s Charleston BiscuitsCallie’s Hot Little Biscuit

• Sara Bradley, Paducah – Chef/Owner Freight House, Top Chef runner-up

• Brian Hart Hoffman, Birmingham – Editor in Chief Bake from Scratch

• Virginia Willis, Atlanta – Chef/James Beard Award-Winning Cookbook Author

• Karl Worley, Nashville – Owner Biscuit Love

While biscuits are a universally loved food, many people don’t realize how easy they are to make – it just takes finding the right recipe and technique.

“My mom’s biscuit recipe is the heart of my business, but I grew up making different types of biscuits with my grandmothers. Because of that, I love discovering just how different everyone’s favorite biscuit is,” said Carrie Morey. “Nothing beats the flavor of a homemade biscuit because there is no substitute for the memories and traditions that are created along with it. I hope that, together with my fellow biscuit bakers, we can inspire others to experiment and find a biscuit that’s perfect for them.”

Between her three Hot Little Biscuit locations and her frozen line of Callie’s Charleston Biscuits, Morey, a spokesperson for the brand, uses White Lily to bake over four million biscuits a year.

A successful biscuit requires only three things – White Lily Flour, fat and liquid. From there, the ingredients and techniques are limitless, but the best biscuit is your favorite biscuit.

Bakers can discover the different approaches to biscuit making by watching Band of Biscuit Baker videos on the Bake from Scratch IGTV @thebakefeed, and White Lily’s Instagram @whitelilybaking throughout the month, and enter to win a trip to Charleston for a VIP biscuit class. Visit and for details and recipes.


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